Sanica, offering products in the categories of Bathrooms, Heat, Superstructure Pipes, Infrastructure Pipes Reservoirs and Glass GROUP, has been working for 30 years to bring the quality and the customer satisfaction to the top level.


Bath Group

Sanica Bath, being the first acrylic bath tub manufacturer in Turkey, is ranking among the first in its sector with its product range and production capacity.

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Heat Group

Sanica Heat panel radiator facilities, which were established in the year of 2003, have the world’s largest panel radiator production capacity with a production capacity of 5,000,000 m.

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Stacking Group

Our new-generation forklifts are equipped with the travels motors of 6kW and 10kW manufactured using Italian technologies. Our pump motors are of 15kV and 24kW manufactured using Italian technologies, which makes us preferable over our competitors…

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Pipes Group

Sanica Pipe, which provides reliable solutions in its Infrastructure Group, continues its production in its facilities in Elazig and Istanbul. Sanica Pipes, having started the production of superstructure plastic pipes and fittings in the year of 2010, has been manufacturing wide range of products in world standards.

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Reservoir Group

Sanica, which entirely carries out the production of injection to metal group, galvanized coating to molding in itself, has been producing built-in reservoirs, ceramic reservoirs inner sets, and suspended reservoirs.

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Glass Group

Sanica, which has been manufacturing tempered glass cabins since the year of 1995, is providing services with impact-resistant, safety glass groups.

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